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Pow pow says Jason

Under the Red Hood Go!Robins! style.

The episode:Go!Robins! Comic Special
Watch more Go!Robins! on - Youtube.com/Yolin

As you might have heard…Damian is coming back in the comics! Tim couldn’t be less pleased! (Guess he’s double back in Go!Robins! as he was never gone in the series…) 

A Go!Robins! in work in progress.

Tiny Red Hood and the Outlaws doing what they do!

The New York Comic Con 2014! How many times did you spot Damian?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could I please please please request you draw the Red Hood robin without his helmet? *kitty eyes and sparkles*
potatocat potatocat Said:

All puffed up!

Hotel baby Robin doodle.

Second day of NYCC. I’ve never seen so many vinyl toys!

Or I think I did.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
psst could you draw the batgirls (Cass, Steph & barbs) in Go!Robins style?
potatocat potatocat Said:

If they were to appear I would like them to debut in an episode… so no spoiler doodles!

Tiny Red Hood and the Outlaws doodles.