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Combining two things that will always be awesome. For some reason I thought Damian should have a Greymon. Probably so that he can lure Tim on his new dinosaur so he can kick him off again.

I’ll go think of what the other Batbabies should have as their Digimon. Just throw me a surgestion if you have any.

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    I would hide him in Drake’s closet. ( ` n ` )
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    I’d wager Jason would end up with Beelzemon, but that’s just my guess.
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    i hate damien wayne, but this is epic. ROBIN AND DIGIMON! :D
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    i feel like he’d be better off with gatomon or something BUT THIS IS CUTE TOO~
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    Selina has Tailmon, no ifs and or buts. (Actually, dub Tailmon and Selina would be kind of awesome.)
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    Two of my favorite things.