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Name's Yolin and I draw things and then I cry and post them here so that you can cry with me.

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It’s not easy being Batman…

I don’t know. I really don’t…

This is for Mellonsnow who wanted an awkward Loki. (Thor bonus)

Yes. Good. Lets keep secrets from the worlds greatest detective. (Was that title self-proclaimed or..?)

Page 20 & 21 of Little Red Riding Hood comic.

You can find the previous pages here: http://potatocat.tumblr.com/tagged/little-red-riding-hood

I have a lot of OC’s. Mr Moon is one of them. He’s very special. Here are 3 comics of  The wonderful mooning adventures of Mr Moon.

How did Tim get in the high chair? Are those Alfred’s pancakes? Does Jason even know what Tim is saying? Oh the mysteries.

Previous Tiny Red Hood comics


A new The Bunny’s Diary story for you to enjoy. Or…unenjoy. Woof! Dyed bunniessss.


Woof! Woof! Original comic. I always enjoy working on Bunny’s Diary comics. Even though they’ll never get any better. Ho! Ho! Ho!

In the next issue of Red Hood and the outlaws; “the never ending play date”.

Working on commissions, but at the same time I also realized I’ve never drawn any kids from the second Young Justice season, so here are Impulse and Robin!

A dramatic turn in the Little Red Riding Hood comic. These are page 16 and 17. Will the naked Dick Grayson be in time to save the young Robin’s live or will he too late..?

Well then, you can find all the previous pages here!: http://potatocat.tumblr.com/tagged/little-red-riding-hood

Previous pages (14 & 15): http://potatocat.tumblr.com/post/20918557073/page-14-and-15-of-the-little-red-riding-hood

Continuation of: part 1

A silly comic which you guys can influence. Most people wanted Batman to adopt them all. And Anonymous suggested Disneyland. :*)

So what happens next…? (reply to this post or send a note with your suggestions)

1. What’s the kids reaction?

2. Who do they meet in Disneyland?

Disneyland photo: source